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The story Behind my work

I am reggie T. Rucker Jr.

Reggie Rucker, Jr. is the founder of BeeLion Productions, which provides video, cinematography, and photography services for short films, music videos, weddings, events, etc. . . .
Before Reggie committed to film and photography full-time, he worked with the youth in various capacities, working with the Youth Advocacy Program of New Jersey, Warwick Family Services, and SAMS Community. Those experiences led him to become a special education teacher at Vaux Big Picture High School. It was at Vaux that he first learned about Money Talks Edu, which did a financial literacy workshop for the students.
Reggie is a graduate of the Art Institute of Philadelphia (AI), where he majored in Digital Film-making & Video Production. Upon graduating from AI, Reggie was honored, by the faculty, with the Outstanding Achievement Award for digital film-making and video production.

Thanks so much for checking me out

I’d love to meet you to discuss about your photo-shoot and occasion day so please do not hesitate and contact me anytime. I am really looking forward to hearing from you.

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